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Car Leasing Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Delivery Services

  • Do you offer delivery, and is it free?

Yes, we proudly offer complimentary delivery services within a 50-mile radius from our premises. Charges apply for locations beyond this limit.

Servicing Your Vehicle

  • Where can I service my vehicle?

You’re welcome to have your vehicle serviced at any authorized dealership nationwide.


  • Who receives my monthly lease payments?

Monthly lease payments are directed to the financing bank, which is commonly the car manufacturer itself.

Loyalty Programs

  • What is meant by “loyalty” in your advertisements?

“Loyalty” signifies a manufacturer’s incentive aimed at existing customers to encourage them to remain with or return to the brand. Eligibility for such incentives necessitates current patronage of the concerned car manufacturer.

Lease Mileage

  • Can I acquire additional miles on my lease?

Leases typically include 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year. Should you need more, additional miles can be purchased at the lease’s outset. Exceeding your mileage allotment incurs extra charges.

Vehicle Issues

  • If there’s a problem with my car, who should I contact?

Each vehicle comes with the manufacturer’s standard warranty. For issues within the warranty scope, contact any local authorized dealer. For out-of-warranty concerns, we can offer referrals to certified mechanics or body shops.

Financial Inquiries

  • What does “$0 Down” mean?

“$0 Down” indicates the absence of an upfront payment towards the lease’s monthly fees, financing the lease in full. Initial fees cover inception costs and the first month’s payment.

  • What are inception fees?

Inception fees, due upon vehicle delivery, include the first month’s payment, a bank fee, documentation fee, taxes, and DMV fees. Except for DMV and the first month’s payment, these can be integrated into your monthly payments.

  • What’s a bank fee?

Imposed by the leasing bank, this non-negotiable application fee can be included in your monthly payments.

Partners and Services

  • Can you recommend insurance agencies or body shops?

Absolutely, our services page highlights our preferred providers.

Credit and Approvals

  • What credit score is required for a lease?

While there’s no strict credit requirement, a score above 600 is generally advisable. Various factors, such as bankruptcies or late payments, could influence approval.

Trade-ins and Leases

  • Do you accept trade-ins?

Yes, for more details, please visit our services page.

  • Is it possible to include all fees into my monthly payment?

Yes, we offer a “Sign & Drive” Lease option, allowing for a comprehensive monthly payment that includes all fees.

Security and Privacy

  • How is my personal information safeguarded?

With over two decades in the industry, Leasco Automotive Sales & Leasing, Inc., maintains a secure, technology-advanced server to protect your data.

License Plates

  • Can I transfer my old plates to my new vehicle?

Yes, just ask for a plate transfer when you choose your new vehicle.

Ending Your Lease Early

  • Can you assist me in exiting my lease early?

We provide support in locating someone to take over your lease, subject to the bank’s approval.


  • Is there a service fee?

There are no additional charges for using our services; our fee is included in our competitive prices.

Our Pricing

  • How do you offer such competitive lease deals?

Our bulk purchasing and strong dealership relationships enable us to secure wholesale deals, savings that we then extend to you.

Additional Services

  • Do you sell vehicles as well?

Yes, we offer a range of vehicles for sale, in addition to our leasing options.