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Winter Driving Hacks

  1. Park Facing the Rising Sun
    If Possible, parking in the sunlight is not only free but it will save you lots of effort when clearing off the snow and ice.
  2. Lift your Windshield Wipers
    Although you will still have to scrape off the ice and snow, it’s still better than prying them off your frozen windshield, or running the risk or breaking them.
  3. Switch To All-Weather Floor Mats
    All Weather Floor mats, will protect your car from all the snow and dirt you bring in with your feet.  keep the originals that came with the car in the trunk.  If you get stuck use them beneath your tires for traction.
  4. Know What Direction Plows are Oriented
    If you park on the street, know which way the plows are coming from. Do they push the snow towards the left or the right?  It could save you from being buried.
  5. Bring Supplies
    Make sure you have an ice scraper and brush.  Some salt or Sand is an additional bonus. The salt can no only get you out of tricky situations but the added weight in your trunk can add traction.  Don’t forget water and snacks, in case you get stuck.
  6. Don’t let your Gas Tank get too Empty
    If you happen to get stuck Gas is your energy source for HEAT! Just make sure snow doesn’t build up in your tailpipe.  That can lead to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.
  7. Drive Slower
    Did we really need to say that?

If you are looking for a car this season, or you know somebody who is.  We will do all the haggling for you and deliver right to your door, while you stay nice and warm at home.

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