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Leasco Automotive Sales & Leasing, Inc. is a car buying service that helps you get your next new car for less-money, less-time and less-hassle.  directly, so all you need to do is sign the paperwork.

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alex blumalex blum
17:32 01 May 23
Matt from Leasco is extremely helpful in serving customers and negotiating the most economically prudent solutions and pricing to keep his customers happy. I was the long on business away from home and Matt completed my paper work without me being in town and delivered the car.Matt is extremely detailed oriented in explaining all the paper work item by item and keeping the customers with great satisfaction.I have been dealing with Leasco for almost two decades with two cars being serviced by them.I would highly recommend Leasco to become your trusted advisor and partner in purchasing/leasing cars for business and family needs.
Michael MistrettaMichael Mistretta
17:25 23 Mar 23
2nd time using Matt and Leaseco and once again the process was as smooth as can be. The rapid communication with Matt on a daily basis was super appreciated and within only a few days, my new lease was delivered straight to my driveway.Matt also was extremely helpful in regards to all matters with paperwork and handling the end-of-lease with my old car. I told him and genuinely meant that I felt like I was missing or forgetting something with how smooth it all went, but that's just how they handle their business and take care of their customers. Will definitely continue to use Leaseco in the future.Thanks Matt and team!
Michael RufinoMichael Rufino
18:09 27 Feb 23
The team at Leasco is amazing. Matt Winters was a pleasure to deal with. He was extremely helpful in finding the vehicle I wanted and was there every step of the way to make the process as seamless as possible. He responded quickly to every question (and there were a lot of them) and offered his expertise and advice to make sure I was taken care of. There was no haggling, just straight prices as it should be for buying/leasing cars. Stan made the paperwork process so easy and delivered the new car right to my driveway and took my old one away. I highly recommend the team at Leasco and will be using them again in the future!
Rich SquegliaRich Squeglia
17:34 16 Feb 23
Matt and the Leasco Automative Team are top notch, and facilitated the process seamlessly from car selection through logistics and delivery. We have partnered with the team many times now, and the customer experience gets even better with each interaction. They espouse the principles of collaboration, courtesy, and client service. If you are looking for a true relationship with professionals that know the marketplace, care about their customers, and are committed to being effective "matchmakers", there is no other place to go than Leasco!
Irene GottesmanIrene Gottesman
17:56 01 Feb 23
I love dealing with Matt at Leasco. I just leased my seventh car with him (need I say more?!) He always does his research on price and types of cars making my information gathering easy and correct. He gets me the car I want, at the best price, makes everything so easy by delivering the car to my door and getting me oriented with every aspect of the car. And, he is never pushy AT ALL, which is a rare quality in this industry. I can't rave enough about my positive experiences with Leasco.
Brandon BostonBrandon Boston
11:47 28 Jan 23
I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a car from Matt at Leasco Automotive and it was a truly enjoyable experience. From start to finish, Matt was professional, knowledgeable, and patient. He took the time to understand my needs and helped me find the perfect car for me. Not only was the process smooth and stress-free, but Matt also went above and beyond to ensure that I was completely satisfied with my purchase. I would highly recommend Leasco Automotive and Matt to anyone looking for a new car. Thank you for making my car buying experience a positive one!
Rishie MahadeoRishie Mahadeo
01:16 25 Jan 23
Dealing with Matt is like dealing with familyHe does not rush your decision makingTakes time to answer all questions however many you may haveVery patient and kindWill always find a way to accommodate your needsVery hands on from beginning to endTakes pleasure in helping you to accomplish your goalsWe have been dealing with Matt since 2005 having purchased several cars sinceEvery transaction was always effortlessRest assured the best deals to be had, Matt will go above and beyond to find itTakes pride in his workRecently purchased new vehicleMatt was able to deliver the vehicle in 24 hours from New Jersey to Florida Amazing !!!! Thanks Matt for everything
Devon JonesDevon Jones
21:10 23 Jan 23
My experience working with Leasco has been nothing less than excellent. Matt Winters makes sure everything runs seamlessly and he is such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with him and his team if you want an easy and glitch free experience.
Cheryl WakschlagCheryl Wakschlag
03:20 11 Nov 22
Working with Matt to get my new car was a great experience! Matt delivered the car directly to my home and took the time to show me the car's features and make sure I felt very comfortable. I was able to text him questions during the process which he answered promptly, and he is very knowledgable. It has been stress-free, and we are happy with the price!
Zac ShulmanZac Shulman
21:31 26 Aug 22
Absolute amazing experience with leasing my car through Matt and Leasco Automotive. Being new to the car leasing world, Matt was so proficient and patient at explaining every step. Once the car was in my possession, Matt took the time to teach me how to navigate through all the technology. Never felt rushed once. Matt answered all my questions in a way I could understand and walked away feeling confident that I knew what to do going forward on my own. Thank you!
Louis SterlingLouis Sterling
15:02 24 Aug 22
Matt provided great service. When I received my previous car at my dealer, they barely knew anything about the vehicle. They were unable to show me around or provide the nuances and the know-how so that I can drive out and feel comfortable in the vehicle. Had to do all the work myself. Matt deliver the vehicle to my door, showed me around the new car. He programmed my phone and my Homelink system. I highly recommend Matt for the great service he provides.

A Smarter Way to Purchase Your Next Car.

Leasco Automotive Sales & Leasing, inc. will make your next purchase or leasing experience, quick, simple and painless. Imagine a new vehicle arriving at your door, on time and as quoted.  This is a buying experience that is so simple, sensible and satisfying that you WILL ENJOY the process. No more intimidation, stress, or negotiating with pushy car salespeople. We will help you get your next new car for less-money, less-time and less-hassle.

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